31/10/14 12.30pm **NEW ETA 2-2.30pm** Unfortunately the bus has broken down at Pitlochry, a replacement bus is on the way now to collect the children and we expect it to arrive back at school between 2pm and 2.30pm.   



Welcome to the Corstorphine Primary School Website!







At Corstorphine Primary School we put children and families at the forefront of all our actions.

 We aim to create a climate where staff feel empowered to make a difference for every child, enabling them to achieve the limits of their potential and developing a secure understanding of their unique skills and qualities and ability to impact positively on the world.

 We will also endeavour to work steadily towards achieving excellence in all aspects of our work whilst recognising the need to set manageable and realistic goals.

A welcome from the pupils!

Hello and welcome from the pupils of Corstorphine Primary School. This is our school website - it reflects the kind of fun, lively and hardworking school that we are. You will find on our website a short intro written by the head teacher and a page introducing the staff of the school. There are loads of class pages (written by the pupils) to keep you up to date with everything that happens in the school classes when your children won't tell you! There is a school calendar to make sure you don't miss anything and a special parent zone! And make sure you don't miss the Just for Kids pages, where you can read some fabulous examples of written work! We hope that our website gives you the impression of the fun, friendly, happy school we are - even if we do complain about going, sometimes!!!


The pupils of Corstorphine Primary











Corstorphine Primary School

Corstorphine High Street
EH12 7SY
Tel:  0131 3343865
Fax:  0131 538 7274


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